Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Comic Day! January 11th edition

Hey all, it's time for New Comic Day #2 for 2012. Last week saw me take home a very sensible 10 comic books. This week? I'd bet good money that my pull will end up much higher than that... Without further ado, here's what I managed to pick up this week at the comic shop! Batman and Robin #5, Deathstroke #5, Whispers #1,Grifter #5, Superboy #5, Invincible #87, Amazing Spider-Man #677, Battle Scars #3, Captain America #7, Daken: Dark Wolverine #19, Deadpool #49, Incredible Hulk #4, Scarlet Spider #1, Journey Into Mystery #633, Magneto: Not A Hero #3, Secret Avengers #21, Ultimate X-Men #6, Wolverine #300, Wolverine and the X-Men #4, X-Factor #230, X-Men Legacy #260.1. Well, so much for our nice, reasonable 10 comics from last week... This week I've ended up snagging a ridiculous 19 books. Bah. On the plus side, there are a few good books here, as well as a few series I'll be dropping for certain after their current issue, so there's the silver lining. Now, this week's Pick of the Litter isn't all that cut and dry... I'm going to go with Invincible #87, based solely on how great the last issue was. I gave some consideration to Spidey #677, Deadpool #49 and X-Factor #230, but I have to admit that Invincible is the book I'm most looking forward to reading later on tonight. This week's Runt of the Litter is actually an easy choice. I'll go with Secret Avengers #21. Sure I enjoyed the last issue, but that had to be an aberration as I've detested most of Warren Ellis' run on this series. I'll probably try to post reviews for Invincible, Deadpool and Spidey tonight, probably late tonight, around the midnight hour. I'm not exactly sure how my week is looking, so I'm not going to try to figure out how many books I'll be reviewing each night, but with this many comic books on hand, you can be sure I'll have at the very least 2 comic reviews up nightly... Or at least that's the plan. Remember to check out my comic scan blog for this week's Random Scan(the link is on the right of this page), and until next time, X out.


  1. Huazzah Newcomic Book Day!!!

    I guess you would like this

    a By the way X-Men Legacy was really good

    Happy reading,

  2. i Have some supurb news your gonna love
    Captain america & bucky will be converted to Captain america & HAWKEYE

    i love how in that cover caps just relaxing and is just like Shoot that motherf##### Ha!

  3. Man, there are quite a few anticipated comics this week. Scarlet Spider (which I just read an liked) and X-Factor is what I am excited about.

  4. oh wolverine #500 was really good
    the wolverine in japan stuff was more interesting than usual IMO
    and the sabretooth stuff kicksass

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  6. jay
    me mentioning sabretooth wasnt really a spoiler
    he was in the previous issue and Wolverine and the x-men #3 or 4
    sorry tho

  7. Wooooo comic book daaaaaaay!!!! Sad to see those comics pile up to 19 issues this week. Especially where there are a few that haven't been good in your opinion. But as always, I hope you enjoy reading this week. :)

    So, Falisha Ann will be looking forward to those reviews for Deathstroke, Whispers (only because I'm curious, lol) Scarlet Spider, Magneto: Not a Hero, Wolvie and the X-Men.

    Happy Reading X!!!

  8. Thanks Alien and Movieartman, you guys know I do love Hawkeye and Cap team-ups, so those links are definitely appreciated! X-Men Legacy is kind of low on my reading list, Alien, but since you liked it I may bump it up a few spots to see how it was.

    I'm JUST about to read X-Factor after signing off here, Jermox, so I should have a review for that one up late tomorrow night. Scarlet Spider was a pure impulse buy. Since I decided not to pick up Hulk, I figured I'd use that $4 on Scarlet Spider... I'm really not expecting much from that series, so if it's halfway decent I'll be pleased.

    I actually didn't even think Sabretooth coming back WAS a spoiler! He's been in like two or three issues the past two weeks. Marvel wasn't exactly coy on Tooth's return! I'm def interested to see HOW they work him back into the comics since the way he died seemed almost return-proof.

    I actually didn't pick up Deathstroke, Lisha. JT e-mailed me and told me that Rob Liefeld was rumored to be taking the series over down the road, so I dropped it(and three other series) today! I added Whispers, so I'm hoping it turns out to be good. I remember you mentioned the Luna Bros as being really good, and after hearing that and reading about Whispers in the preview guide I decided to give it a go. I should have a review up for that one within the next two days or so. As for the other books... THey might be further down the road! :P

  9. Ahh hell nah!!!! Lol. I'm alone in the reading of Deathstroke!! Lol. ah who the hell am I kidding, 6th issue was going to be my last lol. I usually take you and JT's word on terrible writers so JT said that...I was going to do the same lol.

    Ah!! How did I manage to miss Whispers!!! Lol. Maybe I'll be going to the shop and asking them to get that for me lol. I can't wait to see what you think about it. :)

  10. HA!!! You are now the resident Deathstroke expert around these parts, Lisha! JT completely scared me away from that series!

    There was literally ONE issue of Whispers at my shop yesterday! One!! And I was there like a half hour after the shop opened up! So I can honestly say that I lucked out there.

  11. Oh the pressures of such an awesome title!!!!! Lol. You know, I'm kind of sad that I'll be dropping Deathstroke because this last issue was really good. But we can't let bad writers stink up the

    I don't know why it's like that. I mean I thought the Luna Bros were pretty popular, lol, enough to have a few issues. Lol. But I guess if a shop predicts there won't be many readers they only order a couple. lol. But I really hope you enjoy reading the Luna Bros comic.

  12. And yes, Legacy was good, Rogue is still in the center but Gage brought a lot of Avengers Academy Awesomeness
    and let some student their moments to shine (Rockslide) plus Canonball!!! has his moments too!

  13. HA! That figures, Lisha... Watch, I drop Deathstroke and it suddenly becomes awesome... That is SO my luck!

    I'd guess most shops are kind of hesitent to buy too many copies of indie books since your run of the mill fan is going to pick up a DC or Marvel book over an Image series. But here's hoping your shop can get you Whispers #1. I'm hoping my shop can get me a copy of Fatale #1, which I missed out on last week.

    Damn, I'm DEFINITELY gonna have to move Legacy up my comic pile now, Alien!

  14. I'm sure the comic will soon sour lol. Issue 6 may very well be the last for IF it does get good after that....we'll both be missing out. lol.

    You know X, I completely agree with you. ESPECIALLY if you're catering to your customers. I hope they can too. But they kind know I'm one of few loyal customers who goes for the indie books. They even give me a heads up of future stuff they think I may be interested in.

    You know,I've heard a LOT of great things Fatale. I flipped through it at the shop....and almost got it...but JT was treating me to my comics this week so I didn't' wanna be too greedy lol. Maybe I'll grab it next week.

  15. I just read who the new artist AND writer for Deathstroke is gonna be come issue #9... I have NO doubt dropping that series was the right move now! :P

    Yeah, it's unfortunate that most shops can't afford to take a risk on indie books because many of them are pretty damn good. But the safe play is to stick with Marvel or DC because that's what most people are comfortable with. Hell, most of my life I only picked up books from the big two myself. Indie comics have an unfair rep that they aren't as good as Marvel or DC books.

    Really? Now I want to get my hands on that comic even more! :P

  16. Lol. Is this new writer that bad? Are we talking Grant Morrison Bad? lol. Man it's almost like he's the Black Plague lol.

    I've been seeing an increasing number of Indie books at my shop so maybe that's happening on a nation wide perspective. Maybe we can get more awesome stories. And X you're not the only one, I was strictly DC when I started out reading comics lol. Now I read from Image, Zenescope, Dark Horse, Marvel, Boom...a bit of everyone.

  17. All I'll say is that he's one of the two worst artists I've EVER seen! But the small amount of stuff from Liefeld that he's written has been pretty bad. Here's a pretty good link showing some of Liefeld's "greatest hits"...

    Yup, I was 100% all for Marvel for like 10 years. I mean I NEVER considered picking up anything besides a Marvel comic book. But now, I'm more than happy to explore and see what else is out there. It's good to broaden your horizons I guess!