Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Secret Avengers #15 & Fear Itself: Wolverine #2

Last two comics in my new comic pile, both of which are Fear Itself tie-in comic books. I'm not looking forward to either series, so let's just get this over with...

Secret Avengers #15(Fear Itself tie-in... kind of...):

Summary: This issue begins with Black Widow crashing through the window of a Internet news company which had posted an article stating that Captain America(that would be Bucky Barnes) wasn't dead. Needless to say, Black Widow is interested in seeing where the evidence of this article is. It turns out that the reporter who wrote the article had no evidence and fabricated the entire article, which was fine by the editor since the site was getting way more traffic than ever before. From there, the two sides(Black Widow and the reporters) debate super-hero deaths vs definitive, real life deaths. Both sides make their points, and this issue ends with the editor deleting the Cap death story from the website out of respect to Black Widow.

Thoughts: Um, okay. This was an odd comic in that nothing REALLY happened. In a way, the premise here was interesting, with the reporters representing “real” people and Black Widow representing comic book characters, with each side arguing why their version of death was worse. My problem was that that kind of debate didn't make for a great, page-turning experience... I was into this comic for the first couple of pages, then I found my attention drifting a bit, and by the end I was wondering what the point was. Like I said, I enjoyed the first few pages here, but I kind of think that this argument would have worked better in like 1/4 the pages.

Score: 6 out of 10.When in doubt, post a Black Widow splash page!

Fear Itself: Wolverine #2(of 3):

Summary: While Wolverine is fighting some mercenaries on a HAMMER helicarrier, his girlfriend, Melita, is getting information on the man leading the mercenaries from Pete Wisdom. It appears that the merc's leader, a guy named Sutton, was part of a British super-soldier program that tortured it's subjects until the program was shut down by the government. Upon hearing this Melita decides that she has to get this information to Wolvie... I legitimately have NO idea how/why this information is important enough that Melita feels the need to risk her life getting across Fear Itself plagued New York to tell Wolvie, but it is apparently... Back with Wolvie, he loses to the mercs and winds up unconscious. Upon waking up, he finds himself strapped to a nuclear warhead with Sutton bragging that he was going to drop the bomb on NYC.

Thoughts: I have to admit, I could care less about this mini-series... Maybe I'm simply burnt out by the plethora of Fear Itself mini-series/tie-ins that don't actually tie in to the main Fear Itself story... I just couldn't get into this comic. So Melita is running across Manhattan to tell Wolvie that Sutton was a crazy British super-soldier or something... And Wolvie is beaten by some random mercs... Yes, the characters in this story were feeling the whole fear effect thing that the Serpent is giving off, but that was the only real connection to the main Fear event. What more can I say, Wolverine and his reporter girlfriend vs a crazy British super-soldier and his band of misfits just doesn't interest me.

Score: 3 1/2 out of 10.I had to post something from this comic, so here ya go...


  1. dude check this tis just a teaser image for wolverine and the x-men
    no spoilers
    look at the person standing to the left of wolverine and look down between his legs
    there is that tail/whip like thing curling around
    too me that just screams nightcrawler

  2. There was a different image I saw a few weeks back that had an even more pronounced Nightcrawler-like tail showing on it. So this is the second teaser that points to there being a Nightcrawler on the team... Personally, I'd LOVE it if it turned out the Nightcrawler on Wolvie's X-Men team was the Age of Apocalypse version... I don't see how they bring the 616 Nightcrawler back, so maybe somehow the AOA Nightcrawler heads back to the 616 Marvel U. I'd have no complaints about that!