Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wonder Woman #611 & Secret Six #34

Back to the soon to be dead DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED!!!!!!!! comic company known as DC for these next two reviews. I'm cautiously optimistic that Wonder Woman will be good, while I'm expecting absolutely nothing from Secret Six. Will I be surprised? Let's find out!

Wonder Woman #611:

Summary: We get started with the two remaining members of the Morrigan demanding to know where Wonder Woman and her Amazon allies had disappeared off to from Dr. Psycho. Psycho laughs at them and tells them that the reason they couldn't find WW was because she was right under their noses... At which time WW, Artemis, Giganta and Cheetah attack the Morrigan's hideout. The Morrigan rush to their secretive master(I'm guessing the Goddess of Vengeance) and beg for one more chance to defeat WW and company. Their hidden master tells them to finally defeat WW lest they want to be wiped from existence. By this point, WW and her allies enter the room and WW is immediately drawn to the door the Goddess of Vengeance was behind. WW's allies attack the Morrigan while WW approaches the door, which was adorned by WW's symbols. Giganta winds up being killed by one of the two remaining Morrigan, but manages to drive an ax deep into the chest of the Morrigan, fatally wounding her. While Cheetah and Artemis take the battle to the last member of the Morrigan, WW touches the door, and ends up being stabbed through the stomach from the other side of the door. That distraction costs Cheetah her life, as the Morrigan fells her with a burst of fire. Now enraged, Artemis makes the fatal mistake of charging the final Morrigan, which leads to her being burnt to death as well. As for WW, her mind is filled with visions of another life, one where she led an army of souls who were killed by various wars. WW's army swarms over Earth's heroes, killing them all until only Superman is left. He tries to talk some sense into WW but his words fall on deaf ears as WW buries her sword deep into Superman's chest. That final vision is enough to jar WW back to consciousness where she pulls herself off of the sword that was still sticking in her gut. As she hits the floor, the final living member of the Morrigan approaches WW and prepares to turn WW into a member of the Morrigan.

Thoughts: I liked this issue a lot! Was it perfect? No, but it was a fast read with LOTS of action and a couple of deaths. So it appears the power behind the Morrigan is an alternate version of Wonder Woman, apparently the Goddess of Vengeance WW was warned about last issue. If I'm reading all of this the right way(and who knows if I am...) then that's a pretty awesome little swerve that'll have WW battling against a warped version of herself to end this oh so long Odyssey storyline. It's nice to see the finish line to this story... Just as DC prepares to self-destruct in a few months... *sigh*

Score: 8 1/2 out of 10.Yep, THAT'S gonna leave a mark!

Secret Six #34:

Summary: This issue begins with the Six rescuing Scandal's captured girlfriend from the nutjob who had kidnapped her. The Six take the woman to safety, and once her girlfriend was out of sight, Scandal kills the kidnapper. From there, Bane goes on a date with a stripper which ends with Bane killing a thug and the woman promising to “mate” with Bane... Okay then. Scandal forgives Ragdoll for the whole, “Taking the team to Hell and trying to marry Scandal's dead girlfriend” thing, while Catman is happy in the knowledge that his father was roasting in Hell. This issue ends with Scandal realizing that she'd have to decide on which girlfriend to stay with, the recently returned from Hell, Knockout or her current girlfriend.

Thoughts: Well, this issue was brisk. I guess it has to do with the impending DC reboot, because Gail Simone was FLYING through the storylines here! Sure some of the stuff here bugged me(anything involving Ragdoll), but this was, for the most part, a perfectly acceptable comic.

Score: 6 1/2 out of 10.You'd think killing somebody on the first date would be a deal breaker, but I guess not...


  1. Now, I said I was going to be a good girl and I told JT I'd go to bed when I got home from work. But once he told me you reviewed WW, that idea went out the window. I refused to start reading WW #611 until I saw the score and I'm pretty pleased to see it got higher than a 7.

    So as always, I'll be back with final thoughts!! Now I'm going to bed, if I stay on any longer Sims will be loading before I know it, and I'll be up until 3 playing, lol.

  2. 3 at least I'm sure! :P That Sims obsession is a tough one to break free of! Trust me, I'd know!

  3. *Sigh* I have a problem, and it's an addiction to Sims 3, lol. I'm currently in a third generation of a family I started before the new expansion pack dropped. And then they reveal The Sims 3: Pets for this fall!!*sigh* Tell your sister, to break free while she can from the Sims! Lol. Okay, I'm going to bed like seriously! lol.

  4. Well, they say the first step is admitting that you have a problem! :P You know, all this talk about the Sims is starting to get me a bit interested in playing again... I know I shouldn't though!

  5. Lol, don't do it!!! Besides don't you have some Dragon Age catching up to do?! You don't want to add another addiction! :-p

  6. I've surprisingly fallen off with DA 2... I guess not playing it for a week helped break me free of it's clutches. Of course InFamous 2 drops on Tuesday, and should provide me with WEEKS of entertainment in DA 2's place! So yeah... I just replace one video game vice for another...

  7. Awww poor DA 2!! It will be replaced with Infamous 2, lol. I just downloaded Dead Nation and Wipeout HD and those will be my new obsessions lol. Especially Dead Nation. Let me know how Infamous 2 is.

  8. I dled LittleBigPlanet yesterday as a way to tide me over until tomorrow and InFamous 2, and so far, I've really been enjoying it! It's such a werid little game! I'm thinking of getting Dead Nation with my second pick, so I'd love to know what you thought of that one. And I shall happily be gloating about InFamous 2 as early as tomorrow night! :D

  9. I LOOOVED LittleBigPlanet, it was definitely an interesting game yet realy fun. And playing with JT made it 100 times more fun. I'm trying to nab a copy of LBP 2, but I'm being cheap lol.

    And I've only played a good 10 minutes of Dead Nation, but it's fun so far. And I don't like zombie games lol.

    And I'll be awaiting the news of how awesome Infamous 2 is. lol.

  10. "I'm trying to nab a copy of LBP 2, but I'm being cheap" That's the way to be! I always think of it like this, the LESS money I spend on video games, the MORE money I can spend on comic books! :D

    Unless you come back and tell me Dead Nation was horrible, I'll probably dl it sometime towards the end of the week, that way I'll have it for when I get tired of InFamous 2(which hopefully won't be for a good, long while!)

    I shall be back to gloat tomorrow around this time! :P