Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Goers to Geoff Johns: Drop Dead!

So the Green Lantern movie debuted at around $52.7 million which is about $13 million less than Thor. That was also a lower opening weekend than X-Men: First Class... With a budget of around $200-$300 million, that's not exactly the news DC was looking for I'm sure... To that news I simply say this... HA!!! Yep, it sure is a good thing DC is obsessed with pushing old Silver Age characters at the expense of their younger, newer Modern Age characters... Those old characters SURE are where the money is! I'd say maybe DC would learn from this, but let's face it, as long as Chairman Johns is DC's golden boy, they'll continue to be mired in the past... As well as trail behind Marvel in nearly every way...


  1. Lmao, you and your hatred of Geoff Johns cracks me up. I can;t believe you made a separate post for this instead of throwing it onthe Peej/Supes/Bats post.

  2. What can I say? I hate what's become of the DCU! Damn that retro Chairman Johns!!! I debated putting this on the beginning of the PG-Supes/Bats review, but then the intro would have been super long, as opposed to the one line those comics actually got... Huh, maybe I should have...

  3. This post made my JT, I think it's hilarious that you made an entirely separate post for this. hahaha...

  4. here’s MY crazy idea for a green lantern movie!

    Bruce Campbell is Hal Jordan in “Emerald Trainwreck”, witness how he makes chainsaws & boomsticks constructs , slaughtering his friends while boozing it up to OA, seducing Carol Ferris or Arisia or [insert random girlfriend name ,human, female or otherwise] & laughing maniacally as he gets his Parallax costume & pets a yellow space bug that he names Hal jr, then back on earth the question that begs to be asked! will he feel remorse? NAAAH, Marz’s Parallax Jordan>Johns Stud Jordan! Why would you ask? Well he was more entertaining like that for one, & definitely more relatable (come on now, if you had the might of Parallax, wouldn’t you use it to selfish goals, especially if you were in a depressing mid-life crisis?)

    If anyone has an idea to add to Emerald Trainwreck please let me know…

    BTW Jason & X-man check this out!

    Hope you'll enjoy my friends, oh & btw Jason I find quite unfair that you got maligned & hated while a little wanksplot dipshit like Damian Wayne roams free! couldn't The Joker frag the little bastard instead?& the entirety of the INC while he's at it, I'm not against the concept but the moment Bruce yells I financed Batman for years! anyone with 2 working neurons would understand...

    Cheers from tunisia