Thursday, February 4, 2010

Comic Gazing for: 2/3//10

Yeah, so I'm a day late posting this... What can ya do? Three weeks in and my professors are finally getting warmed up, so I've been dealing with an increased amount of reading, homework and papers, which naturally leads to diminished work here on this blog. With the added pressures from school, I'm not going to have as much time to dedicate to reviews. For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, the formula would look something like this: Added schoolwork+More homework= Less Time, and Less Time= Less blogging. Complicating matters would be the fact that I have a MESS of comics that I'd like to read and review before my next order of books arrives... So what's a comic book junkie to do? Well, I think I may just "review" several comics at once, and when I say "review" I pretty much mean, "Write a sentence or two about each comic I read, and add a picture!". If you think my reviews are misleading and uninformative now, wait until tomorrow! I'm aiming to bust out 5 or more "reviews" tomorrow night about a few comics I've read over the past 2 weeks or so. It's going to be short and(not so)sweet! But enough about tomorrow, let's talk about yesterday. Yesterday was new comic day! What did I order this week? Why did I order it? Will I have the time to review it on this blog? Will I suddenly gain the ability to run faster then the speed of light? Keep reading to find out!

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #3: I'm not really looking forward to this issue, but I've already picked up the first two issues, so I might as well finish up this mini-series.

Justice Society of America Annual #2: I like the Justice Society, so I figured, why not pick this up. How's that for a reason?

Question #37: Two words, Blackest Night.

Superman: World of New Krypton #12: So this is the final issue of World of New Krypton(I think...). I'll be interested to see what the end of this maxi-series means for Supes, and if it means that he'll FINALLY return to Metropolis, where he belongs!

Nova #34: This is still one of Marvel's better series. As a matter of fact, I'll probably give issue #33 a read tonight before I hit the hay.

Siege #2: The first issue of Siege was good. No, scratch that, it was GREAT! Now, the real question is, can BENDIS keep up the high standard he set last issue? I'm definitely hopeful, but dubious...

Ultimate X Comics #1: I really can't explain why I decided to pick this issue up... I guess the answer is that at the very core of my being, I am a HUGE X-fan, and I'm always willing to give a new X-book a shot, no matter how badly Marvel continues to mess up the X-universe.

Huh, only 7 comics for me this week... Usually I'm buying double that number! Well, considering all of the money I've wasted at eBay this past week, I think a small pull list is just what my wallet needed! That's it for tonight, as always, thanks for taking the time to read my maniacal babbling, and Long Live The Legion!


  1. Falisha hated BN WW3, I thought it was better than two but still very subpar.

  2. Eh, I'm not expecting much of anything from that comic, but like I said, since I have the first two issues, I might as well suffer through one more...

  3. Lol. Thanks for vouching for me bay. And I absolutely HATED the whole WW: Blackest night trilogy. I felt she got screwed BIG time. Greg Rucka needs to be shot in both knees, drug by the lasso of truth, and have his neck broken like Max Lord...>_<

    I just felt her whole role in this BN was minimum, and basically NOT needed. Everyone had their "demons" they had to face off, she didn't at all. I so thought her and Max Lord were going to have it out like the others did in their Blackest night comics. Oh well. :(

    Damn you Greg. Where is Will Pfeifer or Jodi Picoult to take over when you neeed them too. :(

  4. Forgot to remind ya bro,, about JSA Smallville, but I found ya a link to download it if ya want. Starman is in the beginning, it's not Jack though. Also Sandman makes an appearance.

  5. Gah, I totally forgot about that show!!! Thanks for the link though, JT. I don't know when I'll gat around to watching, but rest assured, I shall watch that show one day!

    Yeah, you know Falisha, the fact that WW's battle with Maxwell Lord was hardly a battle at all was probably the most annoying thing about that WW mini to me. I was SO lookibg forward to their interactions, and it was all so anti-climatic...

  6. I was wrong, it was actually Star Spangled kid. He had the Star Rod and wore stars so I was confused. And when ya do get around to it, just know Dr. Fate and Hawkman were done PERFECTLY. Anyway, dude I must be weird, I liked the lines Maxwell said, I hated everything else about BN WW but Max genuinely made me laugh.

  7. Wait, so SSK was actually a he, and not a she? With Geoff writing the episode, I figured for sure he'd be using Stargirl somewhere in that episode...

    I did like Maxwell's part in BN WW, I just wanted it to have been longer. To me, Max should have been featured WAY more in that comic, possibly throughout all three issues, like BL Supes in the BN: Supes mini. More Max prob would have made the mini better.

  8. Well it was Star Spangled Kid, but he had a Star Rod, and I didn't know they used those. Thought only Stargirl and Starman did, and yeah, Stargirl was in it.

    I agree, Falisha and I were discussing that. Plus the Mera thing just seems so weird, I mean to my knowledge they've never hinted at anything like that, I mean Dianna vs. Donna or Cassie even just seems like it would've been better than that.