Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comic Gazing for: 2/10/10

Since I've been studying for my first big Accounting exam(which is tomorrow)for the better part of the night, I figured I'd do a quick post, just to clear my head for a bit. I wasn't going to post anything today, but since I also have a Musical Theatre paper due later on this week(yeah, that's right, a Musical Theatre paper...)I might wind up skipping tomorrow's post depending on how long it takes me to bang out that paper. Since tomorrow is Wednesday, and Wednesday means it's a new comic day, I figured I should post what I'll be purchasing this week, just in case I can't get to it tomorrow. Oh, and my area is under a Winter Storm Warning, and it is currently SNOWING! With any luck, that means they'll close my college tomorrow, and I'll have an extra week to prepare for this Accounting test since I get a few days off for Mid-Semester break, or President's Day, or whatever the hell my school is calling the mini vacation I get next week. OK, I think that's enough about me, how about I actually talk about comics! I read JL: Cry for Justice #6 last night, and you know what? I really enjoyed it... I didn't want to, but I did. Hopefully when I've got more time and less school related duties to attend to, I'll put up a quick review for it. For now though, here are the books I'll be purchasing come tomorrow.

Action Comics #886: I think this is still a part of the x-over with the Superman title, but I'm not exactly sure... Meh, I was buying this comic anyway, so I guess it's a moot point.

Adventure Comics #7: This is the first post-Geoff Johns issue of this series, so I'll be interested to see who's taking it over, and what they have planned.

Batgirl #7: Jeez, another Batgirl already? I haven't even read Batgirl #6 yet! Maybe after I'm done studying tonight, I'll give Batgirl #6 a read...

Batman and Robin #8: Like with Batgirl, I still haven't read the previous issue of this series, and with some of the things I've heard about it, I'm not sure I want to!

Booster Gold #29: Gah, once again, I still haven't read the issue before this one yet! I really need a few more hours in the day...

Green Arrow Black Canary #29: This is the final issue of this series written by Andrew Kreisberg, which means this should be the last time I have to suffer through another Cupid story! Jeez, once Cupid's gone, what am I going to have to complain about?

JSA All-Stars #3: I like the JSA, and so far this series has been OK. I'm not exactly sold on the Stargirl/Johnny Sorrow love-thing, but maybe this issue will win me over.

REBELS #13: Yeah, a new issue of REBELS! Seriously, this is one of the best non-Geoff Johns written comics coming out of DC today.

Secret Six #18: I still haven't read Secret Six #17... Starting to sense a trend here?

Titans #22: This issue is the end of the current line-up in this comic, so I'll be very interested to see what happens starting in issue #23.

Dark X-Men #4: Umm, as long as Nate Grey is prominently featured in this comic, it'll be one of the first things I read once this order arrives.

Realm of Kings Imperial Guard #4: This is one of those mini-series I collect but don't read until it's completed, so I really can't say much about this one.

And that's it. Damn, only 2 Marvel books this week, as opposed to 10 DC comics. Huh... I REALLY need to find some good Marvel comics to read... Alright, I think I've spent enough time avoiding my studies... Until next time, Long Live The Legion!


  1. Well sir, I see you have a nice little list going for you. And good luck on your exam IF you have school tomorrow. I'm hoping the SAME thing about the snow canceling school. Keeping those fingers crossed!!

    So with that, I hope you enjoy your comics. Let me know how Batgirl and Titans is. :D I'm anxious to read Batgirl.

  2. How did you not manage to read Batgirl 6? SHAME on you :P

  3. Yeah Nagash, I'm not sure how I allowed Batgirl #6 to slide for so long... I love that series. I did read it last night though, so hopefully I should have a review for it up(hopefully)tomorrow. I can tell you this much Falisha, if Batgirl #7 is anywhere near as good as #6 was, I'll be EXTREMELY pleased!

  4. Just letting you know that Batgirl 7 WAS as good as 6, if not better. Reviewed it over at JTCS. ;)

  5. Yeah, I figured as much. Who knew Batgirl was going to be as awesome as it is?

  6. Right? I'm definitely loving Steph as Batgirl and whoever's the head writer on this is becoming one of my favorites. Guess I should learn their name huh?

  7. Ha, you're as bad as my sister, man! She hardly knows ANY of the names of the writers of the books she reads. I'll start talking to her and say something like, "Hey, guess what, Andrew Kreisberg isn't going to be writing GA/BC anymore!" to which she responds, "Oh, when was he writing that comic?" She only knows three writers off hand. She knows Geoff Johns and Ed Brubaker as "That/Those guys you like." and she knows Ron Marz as, "The guy who wrote most of the Kyle Rayner comics." Me, I can't enjoy a comic book unless I know the name of the writer, but that's probably the writer in me that needs to know that.

    Oh, and the guy's name is Bryan Q. Miller. There, now you know!

  8. Lol yeah, I know Geoff, Yost, Gail Simone, bendis, Brubaker, Kevin Smith, Brad Meltzer, and a few others. Normally I would've checked but when replying I was FAR too sleepy and lazy. But thanks :P I'll be sure to commit Bryan Q. Miller to memory.