Thursday, January 28, 2010

eBay: the bane of my existance or the love of my life???

First things first, I FINALLY have some news on my missing comic book order!!! For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, allow me to give some background on my months long ordeal. Back in the beginning of October, I placed(like I normally do)a comic book order with my regular comic book shop. I think it came to something like $80 and it contained two or three weeks worth of comic book goodness(probably about 30 books or so). Usually when I order from this particular comic book shop, it takes about 3 to 5 business days for me to get my package. Well, two weeks went by and I was still waiting on my books, so using the tracking number from the US Postal Service I discovered that for some reason, my package had been declared "Dead Mail" and was sent to a Mail Recovery Center. Needless to say, I was gobsmacked(I love that word!)! I immediately wrote an e-mail to the USPS and my comic shop and they both basically told me to wait, and that the package would eventually get sent to either me or back to the comic book shop. A month passed, and I sent out another e-mail to the USPS, and was asked for a description of my package, which I gave to the best of my ability(although I'd never seen the damn package!). An e-mail from my comic book shop informed me that they still didn't have anything new to tell me. Mid-December I sent out a few more e-mails and was met with more frustration and non-answers. Anyway, I sent out another round of e-mails yesterday, and earlier today, my comic book shop got back to me and told me that they still hadn't heard anything back from the USPS, but that they were willing to either refund me the money from the order or ship out the comics again! I quickly responded that I'd like a refund, and sent out the reply. That's where I am tonight. You don't know how relieved I am to finally be putting this headache behind me! Hopefully by tomorrow I'll have the money refunded to my credit card and I can go about reordering the books that never came.

Wow, that explanation went longer then I anticipated! I actually meant to spend this post talking about eBay! Well, why stop blabbing now? Last night I wound up finishing off my Accounting homework relatively early, so I decided I'd finish the Batman: As the Crow Flies TPB. I finished that trade off(it was OK, prob a 7 out of 10)and then proceeded to read the three comics I reviewed earlier tonight. After finishing them off, I was going to put all of my Green Arrow comics in order so I could read them, but being kind of tired, I decided against that. Instead, I made the cardinal mistake of going to eBay! Now, I'll readily admit that I am a recovering eBay addict. From May of 2008 through the summer of 2009, I spent untold hundreds of dollars on eBay. After buying something completely ridiculous(I don't even remember what)I decided, "That's it, no more going to eBay!" and for several months I made good my promise... Until last night that is. Over the course of 20 minutes, I purchased the entire Aquaman series from the 1990's(#0-75), a Superman/Darkseid one-shot, an old issue of Marvel Team-Up from the 1970's starring Spider-Man and Hawkeye and the three issues of Green Lantern which made up the Emerald Twilight storyline(GL #48-50). Now, for the record, I've been trying to get my hands on the Emerald Twilight story for MONTHS now, but no comic book store I visited had the trade, and the single issues were just insanely overpriced(issue #48 alone sells in some stores for like $15-20!). Being able to finally purchase that story at a reasonable price was definitely the highlight of my night. The other comics, well, let's just say that although I'll happily read them, I'm not sure that I actually NEEDED them!

Speaking of not needing something(sweet segue!), a comic book order arrived today featuring a bunch of comics that had me really scratching my head... The order contained the following: Adventure Comics #452, Manhunter #1-38, Simon Dark #1-18, The Question #1-6 and Son of Vulcan #1-6... What the hell?!? I don't even know who Simon Dark or Son of Vulcan are!!! This was one of those cases where I found the entire Manhunter series, as well as Adventure Comics #452, which is something else I've wanted to read for a while now, and then I threw the other comics into my shopping cart because they were cheap. That's what happens when you give somebody with poor impulse control(ME!)a credit card... Oh, and I'm expecting ANOTHER package of comic books to arrive in the mail tomorrow or Saturday with the past two weeks worth of books! Yep, I am most definitely addicted to comic books... Well, that's it for tonight, Long Live The Legion!!!


  1. We were JUST talking about that. Glad you finally got a refund for the infamous lost for you buying other comics just to get the shipping decrease...Come on bro! Lol Atleast get something like some earlier Geoff Johns issues.

  2. Yeah, if it wsn't for the fact that we were just talking about that damned order, I might have forgotten to send the e-mail, and this nonsense might still be going on! Anyway, just for the record, I just reordered the lost books, so hopefully I'll have better luck this time!

    JT, sometimes I just don't understand the way I think... One of the things that always catch my eye when I'm browsing for comics is when some shop is selling a complete run. Once I see the words, "full run", I'm drawn to it like a moth to a flame!

  3. Well, I'll gladly take some credit in helping you get your refund. :P Glad to hear the infamous lost comics are on their way to the comic Haven that is your apartment.

    I don't blame you, but I doubt I could read a full run of a not so important character like Metamorpho, whereas I wouldn't be surprised if you bought that. Lol

  4. Yeah, I can't wait to read those lost comics... 4 months late!!! I'm actually pretty lucky that I was able to still find them in stock somewhere.

    See, if the price was right, there's a good chance I would pick up the full run of a Metamorpho mini-series... Ha, who am I kidding! Metamorpho??? Even I have my limits!

  5. Lol if I ever hear of you buying Metamorpho comics I may have to take a week absence from the blog.

    So, since you replaced your order was anything big included besides those few Blackest Night issue 2's?

  6. See, this is why I don't like ordering some things online. Stupid annoying people did that to me, cept it happened in the space of three days, and was just damn annoying. Stupid CityLink.
    Still, least you got the refund, eh?

    Yeah, Metamorpho - you'd have ta be dense, brain dead retarded or high to get that series...

  7. JT: I actually did pick up a few other comics with my reorder, but I'll be damned if I can remember what they were! I'm drawing a total blank... Oh well, I guess I'll know when I get the order!

    Nagash: This was the first time anything like that happened to me, and I've been ordering stuff from eBay and other places for like 7, 8 years now, so I'm going to hope this was a one time only occurance. And yeah, I was really pleased to see that I got a refund. But then again, with all the money I spend at that comic shop, maybe they just figured they should keep me on their good side!