Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comic Gazing for: 1/27/10

It's another Wednesday, which means it's time for me to go comic gazing! Before I get into this week's books, let me say that I'm cautiously optimistic that my package of comic books containing the past 2 weeks worth of comics should be heading my way as early as tomorrow, but more likely Friday or Saturday. A package of new comics should mean a couple of new reviews up on this blog, so be on the lookout for that.

Besides that, I'm finishing off the Batman: As the Crow Flies TPB, and I may also read a few other comics, including Superman: World of New Krypton #11, Blackest Night: Suicide Squad #67 and Avengers: The Initiative #31. If I read those books, I'll probably have a post dedicated to them for tomorrow, if I don't, well then obviously I won't! It looks like I got a couple of responses for my Batman post(which you can find by clicking here), which is great. You know how I love comments(or if you didn't, you do now!)! Once I publish this post, I'll be heading over there to see what my distinguished readers had to say. OK, I think that's a long enough introduction, let's see what comics I'll be grabbing this week!

Atom and Hawkman #46: It's a Blackest Night x-over, and by now I'm sure everybody must realize I'm obligated to buy every single BN x-over comic, no matter what it is!

Batman and Robin #7: Meh, it's another issue of Batman and Robin... Can't say I really care one way or the other. Hopefully I'll like this issue, although I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Blackest Night: JSA #2: I REALLY liked issue #1, plus this is a BN x-over, so that explains why I'll be picking this one up.

Gotham City Sirens #8: For the most part I've thoroughly enjoyed this series, hopefully that trend continues with this issue.

Green Lantern #50: Hal Jordan vs. the Black Lantern Spectre, written by Geoff Johns? Need I say any more?

Justice League: Cry for Justice #6: I really haven't been enjoying this mini as much as I thought I would, and after the events of last issue(you know what I'm talking about!), I'm even less enthused about reading this issue. At least there are only two more parts left here...

Justice League of America #41: Remember when this series was good? I barely do... Here's hoping James Robinson's new JLA can regain some of the awesomeness that was Brad Meltzer's run so very long ago.

Justice Society of America #35: The older members of the JSA take on Mordru the sorcerer for like the one millionth time! I shouldn't complain though, because for the most part, this series has remained solid, even after the departure of Geoff Johns.

Superman: Secret Origins #4: This is one of those mini-series I've been collecting but not reading. Once the entire mini is out, I'll give it a read straight through.

Superman #696: This is the third(?)part of the Superman/Action Comics x-over, so in order to get the full story, I need to pick this book up!

Teen Titans #79: I think I'm going to officially put this series on life support. If Superboy and/or Kid Flash don't join the team within the next 5 months or so, that's it, I'm dropping this title. I'm tired of reading about characters that I could care less about(for the most part).

Wonder Woman #40: After the last issue, I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one!

World's Finest #4: If not for Toyman I'd be REALLY happy with this mini-series. Even with Toyman present in this mini, its still been very good.

Avengers: The Initiative #32: I've enjoyed this series from the start, and with its cancellation on the horizon, I'm going to enjoy it while it's still here...

Captain America Reborn #6: Woo-hoo, it's finally the conclusion to this mini-series! Although the outcome has already been spoiled in at least two Marvel comic books I've read lately(Siege #1 and something else)I'm still really psyched to read this one.

Daredevil #504: This issue concludes Andy Diggle's first storyarc in this comic, and I have to say, thus far his work has been nearly as good as his predecessor in this series, Ed Brubaker. That's about as lofty a compliment I can give to a writer!

Guardians of The Galaxy #22: Although the quality of this series has dipped slightly as of late, it's still among my favorite Marvel books.

New Avengers #61: This is another Siege tie-in, and if BENDIS can continue his momentum from the shockingly good Siege #1, this comic has the potential to be readable! I can't remember the last time I said that about an issue of this series!

Siege: Storming Asgard: This is a Siege tie-in, which is why I'm picking it up.

Wolverine Origins #44: This is another of my favorite Marvel books. Daniel Way has been consistently good on this series from the start, so I doubt that's going to change now.

X-Factor #201: THE best X-title on the market today. PERIOD.

Whew, that's a lot of comics, even by my standards! DC is still getting more of my money, but with Siege so far being way better then I ever thought it would be, I'm picking up a few more Marvel books then usual. Will DC continue to rule my wallet? Will Marvel continue its climb and once again become my favorite comic book company?!? Find out in next week's installment of Comic Gazing!!! How's that for a corny ending? Long Live The Legion!


  1. I got alot of those, Atom & Hawkman, Sirens, Batman & Robin, World's Finest and such, I'll probably review them over at my site so we can compare thoughts when ya review yours.

  2. Ha, well you know it takes me like 2/3 weeks before I finally get most of my new books, so it's prob going to take some time before we can compare notes! Man do I need to find a good comic shop in my area!

  3. Lol, you could always email The Great Geoff Johns to open one by ya, he has the resources. He has the technology, he's like the Comic Book version of the 6000 dollar man. Lol

  4. Ha, you've officially elevated Geoff Johns to a near god-like status! It's like, "If you want something, go pray at the alter of Geoff Johns!"

  5. Lol, It's a big Golden statue of Geoff holding a Flash comic in one hand and a Green Lantern comic in the other. I could see Yost wondering where his statue is and getting a thimble with a happy face drawn on it.

  6. "I could see Yost wondering where his statue is and getting a thimble with a happy face drawn on it." HA!!! More then likely though, Yost's thimble would have an upside down happy face on it!

  7. Lol, you know he'd just name it Thimby then have it join the JLA and become the most powerful character of all time!

  8. Yeah, I could see that. But of course he'd kill half the team off first! Then whenever somebody was in trouble during a mission, trusty Thimby would make the save!

  9. Yep, Supes, Bats and WW would all die and Thimby would resurrect them with his Thimby Telekineses somehow. Man I hate Chris Yost but I really wanna read his arc with Batgirl. Oh and good news, come March JT Krul takes back the helm of Green Arrow & Black Canary.

  10. See my latest post for reviews of most of those issues actually...

    I don't want to read Yost and Batgirl, but I damn well have to. KHAAAAAAAAN. Or should that read YOOOOOOOOOST?

    Has JT Krul ever written GA before? I didn't think he had...
    Kill Cupid in a flashback. Please :D that or never mention her again. Thankyouverymuch ;)

  11. Damn, that's the thing that sucks about having to wait an extra week or two before I get my new books, it always causes me to have to wait before I can check out reviews... Eventually I'll be able to check out you're words Nagash. Oh, and I know how you feel about the Batgirl/Red Robin x-over Nagash... I'll probably simply skim the Red Robin portions of the x-over, I truly can't stomach reading Yost's work.

    Thanks for the welcome news JT! To the best of my knowledge, JT Krul hasn't written anything with GA in it. The only things written by JT that I have read were the past few issues of Titans and Teen Titans. The way I see it is that anything should be an improvement over Andrew Kreisberg and his bizzare Cupid fixation!

  12. I realized that after I typed it. I probably should've elaborated that I meant take the reins of GA & BC, not take back. Mistake on my part. I'm looking forward to it because it can't be worse than this Cupid stuff.

  13. "it can't be worse than this Cupid stuff." The bar is being set pretty low, so whatever Krul does almost HAS to be an improvement!

  14. Krul wrote the BN Titans stuff didn't he? If so my expectations are kinda mid level, I won't set them too high. I believe that's when Ollie dons his Smallville like suit.

  15. Yessir, Krul did indeed write the BN Titans comics... Of course I was only able to read the last issue thanks to the post office...

  16. Lol well hopefully this time you'll get the issues you missed before March when JT takes over for Green Arrow.

  17. Ha, yeah, that sure would be nice! Actually I just got a confirmation e-mail telling me my books were just shipped out, so we'll see!

  18. Awesomeness. Not trying to jinx ya...or Tim Drake ya, :P but if they don't show up this time just take it as those comics are cursed and should never be read by you, lol.

  19. Heh... I was thinking the exact same thing! I was like, "Well, if they don't come now, then I'm obviously not meant to read 'em!"

  20. Lol exactly, just invest that cash in a few Ramsay dvd's or something if we get a repeat of the lost comics.